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Ram Express Maintenance in Warrenton

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Ram Express Maintenance in Warrenton

Is it time for Ram Express Maintenance in Warrenton? This may be decided by your warranty, your driving habits, or that funny ticking noise your truck started to make recently. Whatever the reason, Lum’s Auto Center is here to help, and no matter whether your Ram is healthy and in need of routine maintenance, or it’s starting to experience some serious problems, we can get it fixed and back on the road in a timely manner.

Importance of Routine Ram Express Maintenance

Whether your truck goes through a beat down every day on a construction site, or you use it just to get from point a to b, routine maintenance is going to be needed at one point or another. For those of you who are under warranty, it is likely that your warranty requires routine maintenance every 30,000 miles or so, and if you fail to comply then your warranty could be void when you are in need of actual repairs. However, most warranties expire at 100,000 miles, and if your Ram truck is over that mileage and you have not purchased an extended warranty, there is nothing to protect you if something serious breaks down except for the hard earned cash inside your wallet.

Our Express Maintenance in Warrenton Is Compliant with Your Warranty

Our Ram Express Maintenance in Warrenton is not only necessary to comply with your warranty and to make sure that your Ram does not break down. For example, changing your oil and oil filter is a good way to keep your fuel efficiency healthy, since new oil eases the stress on your engine, thus conserving fuel. Keeping your tires rotated and alignment in check will help you save significant costs on tire replacement. On top of that, we offer services such as brake inspections, battery service, multiple filter replacements, and even coolant and fluid level checkups. For those of you who have been a Ram owner for a while, you already know what is required to keep that vehicle running smooth, and you can get everything you need right here at Lum’s Auto Center.

Aside from having mechanics who know Ram trucks like the back of their hand, we have seasonal deals going on, which means that not only will we keep your truck running smooth and strong but help you put some of that hard earned cash back into your wallet. So, regardless of whether you need Ram Express Maintenance in Warrenton because of your warranty, a strange noise coming from under the hood, or just a bad feeling, we can help you take care of business, all you have to do is call Lum’s Auto Center at 888-488-4260.

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