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Dodge Oil Change in Warrenton


Dodge Oil Change in Warrenton

Getting an oil change on your vehicle is one of the most important maintenance projects that has to be done on a regular basis. Come in to see us at Lum's Auto Center for your Dodge Oil Change in Warrenton and we will make sure that this important maintenance projects gets done quickly and correctly. An oil change is vital to your engines well-being and is really just a quick and easy project so you won't be stuck without a vehicle all day. But skipping out on this major project could leave you stranded on the side of the road with a vehicle that does not run.

Dodge Oil Change Importance

Some people may over-look getting their Dodge Oil Change in Warrenton; maybe you don't have time, or think that your money can be spent in better places. This is not a good thought. An over-looked oil change can ultimately end up costing hundreds and thousands more dollars than an oil change actually cost if you over-look the issue for too long.

Oil is designed to not only lubricated your engine, but also keep it cool. When you take these two elements out of the running engines equation, you are asking for big trouble. If your vehicle can not properly pump clean oil through it, the friction of the parts will eventually get to hot, expand and bust. You will probably sketch cylinders walls as well. Sketched cylinder walls lead to low compression and low compression means loss of power, and in most cases a major loss of power. Anyone of these problems spells disaster and will force the engine to eventually have to be rebuilt, or the engine might be so badly damaged it will have to be scratched and you will be on the hook for a new one.

Convenient Dodge Oil Change in Warrenton

Here at Lum's Auto Center, we know how important your time is, but we also know how important a Dodge Oil Change in Warrenton can be. So we make it very easy for you to call us and schedule an appointment. When you show up here for a scheduled oil change, our certified staff will be waiting to take your vehicle in right away. We put it up on a hoist, drain the oil and inspect it for any abnormal looking deposits. Then we change your filter and refill your vehicle in a reasonable amount of time at a reasonable price.

Please don't waste any time for your Dodge Oil Change in Warrenton. Give us a call at Lum's Auto Center and set up an appointment at (888) 300-5867.

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