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Chrysler Tune-Up in Warrenton

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Chrysler Tune-Up in Warrenton

Doing your best to keep your life running smoothly and on time? Need a tune up and don’t want to be stuck waiting all day? Lum's has a reputation for doing things quickly and thoroughly. Whether it’s a factory recall, express maintenance, or an all points Chrysler Tune-Up in Warrenton, we can make anything happen for you.

How We Perform a Chrysler Tune-Up

We will fully inspect all of the moving parts and components of your engine, looking for performance or wear damage like leaks and corrosion. We check the spark plugs, filters, fuel pump, coolant, and injectors. If necessary, we will replace the filters, points and condenser, adjust timing and idle, the engine’s PCV valve, and engine and cabin air filters. The exact operations for a tune up always depend on what we find during the initial inspection.

At Lum's Auto Center, we can get you in and out in no time. You can efficiently book your recall replacement, express maintenance, or other detailed services through our online portal on our website. We respect your time and want to keep you safe. Keeping your engine running at an optimal level is one of the primary focuses for us. Getting a Chrysler Tune-Up in Warrenton keeps you fully operational, which along with a through inspection, can prevent things like flat tires, stalling engines, and faulty brakes from causing safety issues. We know you want the best for less and offer monthly service specials to incentivise regular auto health checkups! Keeping your tires in good condition is a primary safety feature.

Our Technicians Providing a Tune-Up in Warrenton

Our technicians and service staff have one of the best reputations in town for friendliness, efficiency, and knowledge. We are fully staffed with master technicians and warranty advisors. Above all else, our staff wants to keep you safe and happy. Our express lube technicians are fast, efficient, friendly, and know you want to get back on the road as soon as possible! With a Mopar master technician on staff, you can rest assured that getting a Chrysler Tune-Up in Warrenton will come from the best and be thorough enough to address any problem areas and troubleshoot any diagnosis.

Come see us today at Lum's Auto Center for all your automotive needs. We are located at 1605 S.E. Ensign Lane, Warrenton, OR 97146. If you have any questions about scheduling a Chrysler Tune-Up in Warrenton, call 888-488-4260. We look forward to hearing from you so we can earn your business.

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