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Brake Services in Warrenton

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Brake Services in Warrenton

You can get high quality Brake Services in Warrenton at Lum’s Auto Center. Brake service is an art that ought to be left to the masters. This is because of the significance of brake service. It ought to be done accurately or comprehensively in order to ensure the highest levels of safety on the road. We at Lum’s Auto Center are masters at brake service. We have ASE-certified brake technicians who have serviced auto braking systems for many years. Therefore, your car will be in good hands when you bring it to us.

Brake Service and Repair in Warrenton

At Lum’s Auto Center, you are assured of Brake Services in Warrenton that are relevant to the brake system of your car. Our ASE-certified brake technicians have serviced both old and new cars, so they are familiar with the changes in braking systems that the auto industry has experienced in recent times. We know how to fix single-circuit or dual-circuit hydraulic braking systems, brake-by-wire braking systems, antilock braking systems, and many more.

We have been extensively trained to service such modern braking systems. Our service center also has specialized systems and equipment that can be used to perform computerized diagnostics of braking systems. Therefore, you are assured of accurate brake diagnosis and repair at Lum’s Auto Center regardless of the age of your car.

Comprehensive Automotive Brake Services

We at Lum’s Auto Center also offer a comprehensive menu of Brake Services in Warrenton. We offer brake pad and brake shoe replacement service using some of the best brake pad/shoe brands on the market, so you are assured of brake pads/shoes that last. Additionally offered is brake drum or rotor resurfacing. Our technicians use specialized resurfacing equipment that even out dented surfaces of brake rotors or drums. We offer wheel cylinder/master cylinder inspection and replacement services, and we also use high quality, branded brake cylinders when doing the replacements.

We also provide brake-line bleeding services. When we bleed brake lines we also test the hydraulics of the braking system, checking how hard you need to step on the brake pedal to get the car to stop. Yet another service that we offer is brake caliper reconditioning. In this service, we take apart the brake calipers to clean and grease them. We then reinstall them and test their functionality.

To get more information about our brake services, call Lum’s Auto Center at 844-300-5867. Our friendly staffs are on hand to answer all your questions and to book an appointment for you for brake service. You can also come directly to us at 1605 SE Ensign Lane, Warrenton, OR 97146-7338.

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