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Jeep Wrangler Muffler at Lum's Auto Center near Warrenton, OR 97146

Your vehicle leaves a lasting impression when you’re out on the road, thanks to a new Jeep Wrangler muffler from Lum's Auto Center near Warrenton, OR 97146 it doesn’t have to be a noisy one. A muffler is part of the system in the rear of your vehicle that helps to mitigate engine noise from the exhaust of your car. Make sure that you have the right muffler for your vehicle by stopping by our Service Department today!

A muffler works as a soundproofing device in your exhaust system to limit the amount of engine noise coming from your car. It works by having a series of passages and chambers that create what is called destructive interference. This concept means that your muffler creates equal and opposite sound waves to cancel out the noise coming from the engine of your vehicle. One of the unintended side effects of mufflers is that it can reduce your engine’s efficiency. This occurs when the flow of gases out of the engine are obstructed, which can limit your power and efficiency. Certain kinds of exhaust systems are built to optimize your performance or fuel economy and limit the downsides of your muffler. If you have any questions about what kind of muffler is right for you, don’t hesitate to ask one of our expert mechanics!

There are a few different ways to tell if it’s time to replace your Jeep Wrangler muffler. Everyone on the road can tell when someone’s muffler isn’t working, due to the overbearing drone of engine noise coming from their vehicle. Your fellow drivers will notice the cacophony of a loud engine, and it’s the number one symptom of a faulty muffler. Another warning that your muffler might not be in top condition is if your MPG ratings are lower than usual. Finally, if you notice a bad smell when you start up your vehicle and are out on the road, there could be a serious issue with your muffler and it’s time to take your Jeep Wrangler to Lum's Auto Center near Warrenton, OR 97146. It’s designed to funnel harmful gases away from the vehicle and out of the tailpipe, but a leak or other issue could leave dangerous fumes around your car. If you experience any of these signs, give us a call straightaway!

Your Jeep Wrangler muffler is one of the components of your vehicle that you only notice when it’s not working properly. Don’t be stuck with a muffler that limits your performance or fails to block out engine noise – give a call to Lum's Auto Center near Warrenton, OR 97146. set up an appointment for a new muffler today!

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Service Manager Nate  Whisnant
Nate Whisnant
Service Manager
Meet Nate! You will never see him slow down and he is always putting our customers first. Nate graduated from Astoria High school and loves spending time with his lovely wife and daughter. He is a huge sports fan, always cheering on the Seahawks and participating in our community baseball leagues.
Service Advisor Christian  Ortiz
Christian Ortiz
Service Advisor
Meet Christian! This guy is always happy, and it's contagious. When Christian isn't working, he is looking for a new adventure. He loves spending time with his little boy, Geo. He is a graduate of Seaside High school and Clatsop Community College. Christian makes everyone smile and can help with anything you need. Stop in and make your next appointment with him.
Service Advisor/Service BDC Daniel Crawford
Daniel Crawford
Service Advisor/Service BDC
Meet Dan! He moved to the coast from Hillsboro because he know he would enjoy life much more at the beach. Lucky us! On his off time, Dan enjoys good music, cars and bonfires on the beach at sunset. Dan has two sons, together they enjoy hiking, watching movies and playing sports. Dan has owned 7 Toyota Celica's in his life and is a huge fan of Toyota! You're in the right place Dan.
Service Advisor Nick Brown
Nick Brown
Service Advisor
Meet Nick. Nick is a vital part of the Lum's Auto Center team. His hard work and dedication paid off, he was promoted from Technician to Service Advisor. On his off time, he enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his family. Don't hesitate to stop by and visit Nick for your next appointment.
Asst Service Mgr/Warranty Andy  Harms
Andy Harms
Asst Service Mgr/Warranty
Meet Andy! He is one cool and calm member on Team Lum's, and we love him for it. Andy enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, daughter and son! He drives a Tundra that he loves to show off. And for Andy, a cold beer is always welcome. Stop in and see Andy here at Lum's!
 Master Technician Randy  Hollaway
Randy Hollaway
Master Technician
Meet Randy! He is a long-time employee and valued member of the Lum's Auto Center, family for 30 years! During his time at Lum's, he's achieved the ranking of Master Toyota and Mopar Technician. When his tummy's growling after a hard days work, Randy loves feasting on Mexican and Italian food. When he gets the chance, Randy would like to learn how to fly a plane. Sky's the limit for this guy.
Master Technician Zack Whitsett
Zack Whitsett
Master Technician
Meet Zack! This guy can be found turning a wrench on vehicles here at Lum's. As if Zack isn't busy enough, he also enjoys working on his farm with his wife and five kids. To keep his energy up, Zack loves any food that is homemade. This hardworking guy will get your vehicle fixed and ready to go in no time.
 Master Technician Donnie  Lindholm
Donnie Lindholm
Master Technician
Meet Donnie! He is always here to bring smiles to anyone at Lum's! He is an amazing Master Technician and team player. Donnie loves spending time with his wife and two kids, when not turning a wrench here at the dealership. They travel to Disneyland and Disney World on a regular basis. You have to ask Donnie about Goofy, apparently they are no longer pals! You can find Donnie elbow-deep in a Toyota or at the nearest coffee pot!
Service Technician Brian Wideman
Brian Wideman
Service Technician
Meet Brian! He has been happily married to his best friend, Bridget, for over 35 years! They enjoy going on road trips and to swap meets to hunt for parts for his 'project car'. He also loves watching classic movies and automotive shows.
Advanced Maintenance Tech. Nick Eastman
Nick Eastman
Advanced Maintenance Tech.
Meet Nick! Nick is one of our top-notch maintenance technicians and is working toward becoming a certified Mopar and Toyota Master Technician. Away from work, Nick enjoys working on his own car and spending time with friends. He has a knack for tinkering with cars. Needs some work done on your vehicle? Come in and have Nick help you out.
Pre-Owned Vehicle Technician Russ Juan
Russ Juan
Pre-Owned Vehicle Technician
Meet Russ! Russ is originally from Hawaii and moved to the North Coast with his family. He comes from a large family, he has 9 brothers and sisters! He enjoys spending time with his lovely wife who is headed to the military, so every moment is precious to Russ. Stop in to meet this sweet guy.
Pre-Owned Vehicle Technician Zachary Clayton
Zachary Clayton
Pre-Owned Vehicle Technician
Meet Zach! Zach is the 3rd oldest of 8 children. He has always loved to tinker with cars and electronics. A couple things he loves about the Oregon Coast: The view of the Pacific Ocean and waking up and seeing elk outside his window. Zach has aspirations of becoming a Master Mechanic and working in the main shop.
Pre-Owned Vehicle Technician Tanner Robinson
Tanner Robinson
Pre-Owned Vehicle Technician
Meet Tanner! Tanner is known around Lum's for his awesome beard! When he's not here working to make sure our used cars are in great working order, he likes to hang out with his friends and family. He also likes to get in time practicing his trombone whenever he can!
Express Lube Service Advisor Devin  Stevens
Devin Stevens
Express Lube Service Advisor
Meet Devin! Devin moved back to the area with his beautiful daughter Darian, who he loves spending time with making her laugh. He enjoys living at the coast because the ocean calms him. His hobbies consist of anything outdoors: hiking, fishing, surfing and working on his truck. Stop in for your next oil change and chat with this guy!
Express Lube Lead Technician Marcus Goundie
Marcus Goundie
Express Lube Lead Technician
Express Lube Asst. Manager Jordan  Hickman
Jordan Hickman
Express Lube Asst. Manager
Meet Jordan! Jordan was recently promoted to Assistant Manager in Express Lube. Jordan likes playing sports and the drums. He loves the sweet face of his baby boy and cuddling with him as much as possible. Stop in and see Jordan and make your next maintenance appointment.
Express Lube Technician  Mark Holmes
Mark Holmes
Express Lube Technician
Meet Mark! Mark was born and raised in Astoria and enjoys hiking and camping. He loves to be outside and explore the many sites of Astoria. Come in and share a laugh with Mark in express.
Express Lube Technician Robert Heen
Robert Heen
Express Lube Technician
Meet Robert! Robert is an easy-going, hardworking guy who absolutely LOVES working on and fixing cars. He is working hard now to move up to a Master Technician one day. In his free time he likes to go on hikes and walks.
Service BDC Douglas Byrd
Douglas Byrd
Service BDC
Meet Douglas! Douglas grew up on the Oregon Coast. He is married with three kids and loves to spend time on the beach with them and his dogs. He is working on getting a business degree and obtaining a management position. Douglas's first vehicle was a Ford Ranger that he rebuilt with his father, that he still drives today. Stop in and catch a ride with Doug in the shuttle.
Express Lube Technician Braydon Weber
Braydon Weber
Express Lube Technician
Meet Braydon! Braydon was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He grew up with a great fascination and love of cars which is what lead to his passion for cars in his career. He also spent 2 years as a fire cadet!
Service BDC Justin Gauthier
Justin Gauthier
Service BDC
Meet Justin! Justin is a Marine Corps Veteran (Oorah!). When he isn't at Lum's helping our customers get the very best service, you can find him hunting, fishing or hanging with his friends, family and dog, Ziggy.
Facility Maintenance Manager Valiant  'Val' Leffel
Valiant 'Val' Leffel
Facility Maintenance Manager
Meet Val! Val is one hard working man. Originally from Alaska, Val decided to make a change and moved to the North Coast. On his off time he enjoys watching the Cubs play baseball and going fishing. Some interesting facts about Val: His first car was a Plymouth Fury and some day he would love to travel to Africa.
Florencio "Junior" Diaz Acosta Jr
Car Wash/Shuttle
Cody Fraenza
Express Lube Technician